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Wireless Charging Case For iPhone 6, 7


  • AUD: $ 23.06

ENABLE WIRELESS CHARGING ON YOUR iPHONE Using this modern case with a built-in QI receiver makes charging cables obsolete and redundant. Just place your phone on any QI charging pad and start charging your battery.

PROTECT YOUR PHONE The case also offers full protection for your phone against damage when dropped and scratches which can be especially annoying on the camera lens.

EASY TO USE AND PUT ON Installation takes only seconds: Simply slip-on the case, insert the flexible lighting connector – that’s it. And if you need to take it off: same thing.

WORKS WIT ALL CHARGING PADS If already you have a charging pad, stand or a recent car model that has a QI charging station built-in, you will be able to use all of these.

HAPPINESS GUARANTEE We want you to be happy with our product. If you have an issue and we can’t fix it, you’ll get your money back. Simple.

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Remember The Time When Phones Used To Be Attached To Cables?

These days are long gone. But today, most iPhone users still have to use cables to charge their devices.

Start Wireless Charging On Your iPhone

It’s time to go wireless with your iPhone.
With this case, pulling charging cables becomes a thing of the past. Just place your phone on any QI charging pad and start charging. So much more convenient. No more cables dangling around on your desktop, prone to brake and fall off.

No more pulling cables, plugging and un-plugging your phone every day. With this 2-in-1 case you can protect your iPhone and enable wireless charging at once.

Easy to put on and off:
The flexible lightning connector allows you to take off and put back on the case any time. Compatible with all conventional charging pads, stands and QI car chargers
Protects your camera lens from scratches.
Allows you to use wireless charging pads in recent car models (Toyota, BMW, Chevy, Cadillac…)
Works well with the LXORY charging pad (ASIN: B01MXRWVA9)

Tech Specs
Standard : QI
Input Voltage : self adapted
Input frequency : 110-205KHz
Input : DC5V/1500mA Max
Output : DC5V/850mA
Ultra slim, suitable for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S


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