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Qi Wireless Charger

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  • Dual Wireless Charging Pad (2 x 9W) With 18W FastCharger (US Plug)

    • AUD: $ 43.92
    • JUST LIKE HAVING A DOUBLE GARAGE MAKES SENSE IF YOU HAVE TWO CARS, Our Dual Wireless Charger Pad is the smarter choice if you have or plan to have a second wireless charging ready phone. So you won’t have to buy a second charger. Save money and desktop space by buying a two phone charging station right away.
    • CHARGE UP TO THREE DEVICES AT ONCE! The LXORY Qi Dual Wireless Charger comes with two 9W Qi charging pads and one USB power outlet so you can charge a third device using a USB cable of your preference. A Qualcomm 18W QuickCharge Adapter (US plug) is included.
    • BUILT-IN THERMO PROTECTION. A Wireless iPhone charger gets warm while charging. Cheap chargers can overheat your phone. We included a temperature sensor in the two phone wireless charger which will limit the maximum temperature of the transmitters to a safe range. So that your phone is protected from heat damage.
    • SIMPLE TO SET UP AND EASY TO USE. Plug the adapter (included) into the wall, connect the charging pad using the USB cable (included), place your Qi-enabled phone on one of the transmitter pads – done. Your phone is now charging with ‘no strings attached’.
    • SLIM AND STYLISH LXORY-DESIGN. Only 9mm thick and 8” wide, this charger takes up a minimal amount of space and looks great on any counter or table top. Comes with anti-slip rubber feet, a Wall Charger and a USB cable.

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